How to Build a Sage CRM Workflow

The topic of this workshop is how to build a sales workflow and automations in Sage CRM. The goal is to build a relatively basic workflow, step-by-step, from beginning to end, and to demonstrate the basics of workflows, how they work, and what the purposes are of them.

Then we’ll drill down a little bit deeper into some of the more advanced topics like how to build conditional rules and triggers and automations

You can watch the entire workshop below:

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Colin Chambers is a senior CRM consultant at Azamba. He has served as a CRM and ERP consultant, small business owner, and CRM practice director in his 23-year tech career. In that time, he has completed more than 100 CRM implementations, primarily in the petroleum marketing, software, healthcare, and U.S. government contracting sectors.

Colin's goal is to leverage technology to simplify and streamline sales and service processes, increase user adoption, and ultimately, to empower salespeople to increase sales.

Tony Erlain

Tony Erlain is lead developer at Azamba. He has spent 13 years working to improve Sage CRM systems with expert-level configurations and customizations. Over the past 4 years, Tony has expanded his expertise to include Microsoft Dynamics 365.

There's no issue too difficult or request too complex for Tony, whose customizations can elevate your CRM system—and your business!

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