Person Multi-Link

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What the Person Multi-Link will do for you

Track complex, multi-company contacts with ease with the Person Multi Link by Azamba!

Sage CRM already allows you to connect multiple Person records to a single Company record. But what happens when you work with an agent, broker, or partner who represents multiple organizations? Sage CRM’s native functionality won’t let you link a person to multiple companies.

But with the Person Multi Link, you can link each person to all the companies they represent!

That means you can track all of your communications against every person and company involved, no matter how complicated those relationships are!

When your team tracks a communication with a person who has multiple affiliations, Person Multi Link ensures that it is linked to the company (or companies!) that person was representing at the time, as well as the person themselves.

And your multi-linked Person records will include a history of all engagement with them, across all the companies they represent!

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