Sage 100 – Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Connection

How Do my Sage 100 Accounting & My Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Securely Share Information?

In order to link Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to your Sage accounting software, you will need to use the Greytrix GUMU integration link.

GUMU is what’s known as a “bridge” – it connects two different applications and synchs up data between them. It is a web-based Azure application secured by Microsoft in the Microsoft Cloud.

For GUMU to work, it is connected to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 and to your Sage accounting software.

For Microsoft Dynamics 365, this is simple as Dynamics is already a cloud-based application written to connect with other cloud-based applications like GUMU.


For your Sage ERP system, you will need to configure the means for GUMU to connect. This is done through setting up a secured, web-based interface (aka a “web API”).
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SData – Secured Data Sharing for Sage Products

For Sage 100, this secured connection accomplished through Sage’s SData. SData is designed for exactly this purpose – to allow you to securely share accounting information with trusted web-based applications such as GUMU.

You will need to set up a web server (this is Microsoft IIS) on the server that your Sage 100 system is installed. To ensure maximum security,

SData requires:
  • Secure Socket Layers
  • SSL to be set up on your server
  • An SSL Certificate for your server

Also note, you will only have to open your server to four specific outside IP addresses and using a specific secured port.


For detailed instructions that you will share with your IT provider / person and your Sage provider, click here

What to Expect from the Integration Setup Process

Please be aware that these setup steps are not overly complicated but they do take time and effort to complete and you should anticipate some additional charges from your other providers. We provide you with a best faith estimate based on our experience in the ranges we have seen from other customers.

Our Step-by-Step instructions are designed to simplify this process but we are dependent on your other partners to accomplish the required steps. We will provide guidance and assistance as necessary to ensure a smooth outcome. This typically takes 2 – 6 weeks to accomplish.

Please review all of your important documentation and provide it to your IT / Sage ERP provider:

Sage ERP

The security section of the Sage ERP SData documentation


Step-by-step Dynamics 365 – Sage 100 ERP GUMU connection setup instructions


The Greytrix GUMU for Dynamics 365 – Sage 100 ERP Integration documentation

Connection Setup Instructions

Review the following step-by-step instructions that must be completed by you, your IT partner, and/or your Sage 100 Partner


Complete GUMU Registration:

The integration configurations for GUMU are stored in a Portal. We will need access to the Portal for setup to begin.

  • Use a company email address.
  • Use a shared mailbox account (in case a password reset is needed).
  • Forward your credentials to when available.

Additional documentation on the registration process is available here

IT Partner:

Setup External Access Configuration

Configure external access to the Sage 100 Server.

  • The following IP addresses must be allowed to open in the Sage 100 environment’s firewall:
    • 65.212.252
    • 76.206.195
    • 61.41.97
    • 101.120.195
  • Add the external link to the Sage 100 Connection Document when complete (downloadable in next section).

Ensure SSL is configured for external access to the SData URL.

  • Purchase and Install SSL Certificate on the Sage 100
  • Open HTTPS (443) port to allow External Access to the Sage 100 server.

Sage 100 Partner:

Complete the Sage 100 Connection Details Form (Sage 100 section only):

Forward completed form to or your Azamba Teams collaboration space when available.


Install and configure SData for Sage 100 in the Sage 100 app.

Set up an external access URL for SData using HTTPS.

  • The external access URL should then be entered into the Connection Details document.

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