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OnTrack Adoption Services for CRM

The success of your business is important to us. The OnTrack program was created to go beyond simple Sage CRM support and is designed to help ensure your long-term success as you use Sage CRM to drive efficiency and effectiveness in your organization.

Sage CRM Support

Ensure CRM Success with OnTrack

The success of your business is important to us. The OnTrack CRM Adoption program was created to help ensure your success as you use Sage CRM to drive efficiency and effectiveness in your organization. OnTrack is so much more than just support for your CRM system.  OnTrack CRM Adoption services provide you with a full suite of individualized professional services that help you maximize your Sage CRM investment.  All for a set, known price.

Why should I subscribe to OnTrack?

OnTrack CRM adoption services have been designed to help you get the most from your Sage CRM investment with a bundled set of services including unlimited diagnostic support, unlimited answers to “How do I do …?” type questions, annual system audits, regular progress calls from a dedicated account manager and other additional valuable services.

The OnTrack program is completely customizable with a full range of services that we can include upon request.  Your  plan you can include services like  product upgrades, user training, advanced consulting services to customize your system as well as fully customizable add-on products that extend and improve the basic Sage CRM functionality.

OnTrack is designed to be extremely flexible and if you need us as an extension to your organization or to address an occasional problem or question, Azamba has a plan to fit your requirements. There is always the possibility that you would like additional services that we have not mentioned  so please give us a call/email  and we can create a custom OnTrack plan for you.

Purchasing OnTrack is just as easy and will not be a burden to your organization.  We offer OnTrack in both month-to-month or annual subscriptions and because we stand behind what we do, you can cancel your plan at any time.

Plans and Pricing

Your OnTrack CRM Adoption services package will be customized to fit your company’s needs.  There are many elements available to you in the OnTrack program.  What services your OnTrack subscription contains will depend on your needs. To learn more about, pricing and OnTrack features, follow the link below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I subscribe to the OnTrack program?

Your OnTrack CRM Adoption Services subscription is designed to ensure your ongoing success with your Sage CRM system and will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Maximum return on your Sage CRM investment. You can experience amazing gains in your top and bottom line when CRM is used correctly. There are many contributing factors that make up these gains and OnTrack will help you maximize these factors.
  • Professional, courteous, prompt, competent assistance. You can rely on the Azamba team of seasoned Sage CRM veterans to get knowledgeable answers to both technical support problems and every day “How do I …” type questions. Our highly-trained experts are here for you.
  • Ongoing training and educational opportunities. You can avail yourself of the wide variety of additional learning avenues provided by Azamba. You will find rich, instructive educational experiences delivered in several different formats and methods that are designed to suit individual styles and preferences.
  • Personal guidance, product consulting, coaching and mentoring. You are assigned a dedicated Sage CRM Success Coach who is tuned to your particular environment and business needs. You can count on your Success Coach to work with you to ensure your proper CRM adoption and maximize your return on your investment.
What exactly are the specific program offerings?

Your OnTrack package will be customized to fit your company’s needs.  There are many elements available to you in the OnTrack program.  What services your OnTrack subscription contains will depend on your needs.  OnTrack programs can  include the following services:

  • Managed Support Services. Receive prompt, professional, knowledgeable assistance from the leading team of Sage CRM experts at Azamba and manage your support issues via your exclusive anytime, anywhere Azamba OnTrack portal.
  • Priority Queuing.  Ensure your maximum uptime and quickest response rates from the Azamba Help Desk team with priority queuing based on your plan selection and level of urgency.
  • Free Toolkit Utilities. Experience dramatic boosts in productivity by taking advantage of exclusive access to the growing library of TechnoTropic Sage CRM add-ons and utilities. Installation charges will apply.
  • CRM Coaching Calls. Benefit from personalized attention from your designated Sage CRM Success Coach during regular, scheduled calls to review your current and upcoming needs, to discuss key improvements in Sage CRM and to plan your ongoing successful usage.
  • Annual System Check-up. Protect your Sage CRM investment with an annual scheduled check-up of key system and environmental areas that can potentially restrict optimal performance and harm productivity.
  • Dashboard Guru. Dashboard Guru is included with all of our OnTrack programs. It gives you immediate access to information about your business in a manner that is easy to use and understand.
  • Product Upgrades.  Stay up to date and current with a Sage CRM upgrade (when available).  The upgrade will include both a trial upgrade and a final production upgrade to make sure that everything transitions smoothly to your new system.
  • CRM Product Training.  Make sure that your users are getting the most of the system because successful user adoption of CRM starts with a strong training program.  Use OnTrack to get ongoing, scheduled training that fits your team’s requirements.
  • Get the most from your system by collaborating in a project based setting on a wide variety of topics with an Azamba Success Coach.
  • Unlimited CRM Patching.  Depending on your choice of OnTrack programs we will make sure you stay up to date and current with routine application of the latest Sage CRM patches.

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