CRM Together Accelerator for Sage CRM

A Better Alternative to the Sage CRM Outlook Plugin

Are you tired of copying and pasting emails to CRM? Is your sales team not updating CRM with contact details? Is your CRM User adoption poor and killing your return on investment?

Hundreds of Sage CRM users have solved these problems by switching to Accelerator for Sage CRM by CRM Together.

Who is it for:

  • Salespeople who love working in Outlook
  • Businesses who have difficulty setting up the out-of-the-box Sage CRM Outlook integration
  • Businesses who are unsatisfied with the feature limitations of the out-of-the-box Sage CRM Outlook integration
  • Salespeople who need minimal Sage CRM usage
  • Customer service people who deal with issue resolution via email


  • Office 2016/2019 – 32 & 64 bit
  • Office 365 locally installed
  • Works with any version of Sage CRM!

Maximize your Investment

An add-on is only as good as a company’s ability to utilize it, which is why CRM Together offers full-service experiences for their robust add-ons.

Powerful Tools

Get the Outlook integration you always wanted.

Convert emails to Companies, Contacts, Sales and Cases. File emails and attachments and log call information.

Experienced Trainers

Learning multi-faceted add-ons can seem overwhelming for your team.

CRM Together takes out the guesswork by offering a 1-hour in-depth training session.

Superior Support

CRM Together offers ongoing support for your investment, to ensure the Accelerator for Sage CRM is always working at 100% efficiency.

Product Details

Sage CRM Accelerator Demo

Accelerator 5.0 from CRM Together on Vimeo.

Build Future Value into Your Business

Create CRM records like Companies, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities and Cases right from Outlook with the touch of a button! Build future value into your business by populating your system with Companies, Contacts and Leads to fuel your marketing. Create opportunities to keep your sales pipeline pumping. Create cases to ensure you are delivering excellent customer service.

new opportunity in outlook screenshot

Give Emails a CRM Context

With our tagging option you can apply a CRM context to emails. When an Opportunity is created from an email, the email can be easily linked to the opportunity in CRM by just tagging it! This makes it quick and easy to store important information for future reference.

Create Consistent Customer Experiences with Better, Smarter Email Templates

Use Sage CRM Email Templates to standardize the voice of your business and provide a consistent experience for your customers. Standardized processes can be more easily followed and implemented.

CRM’s shared documents allow you to have a central repository of documents that can be attached from CRM right from within Outlook. Using CRM’s email templates from Outlook allows you to define a consistent company voice and standardize customer responses to queries and issues.

View Customer History

Select an email in Outlook to automatically view customer information. The system will show you the customer CRM data including sales and issues. From Outlook, you can click on a person and see all their data in full CRM and start working through workflows.

Access CRM Addresses

Accelerator provides a lookup screen in Outlook that allows you to search for email addresses that live in your CRM system.

File Emails and Documents

You can file full emails (as .msg files) so everyone can see the full context (including embedded images). The system is also smart enough to know to exclude small images (like a LinkedIn or Facebook icon in a signature), keeping your files clean and organized in Sage CRM.

Looking to learn more?

Download the CRM Together Accelerator user guide for an in-depth look at app navigation and usage

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