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Get more out of your Marketing!

Today’s marketplace is highly competitive.  Businesses are working with tighter marketing budgets, limited in-house resources, while sales teams are demanding more leads and prospects to sell to.

Marketers need to access to customer insight so they can segment customers and prospects, providing the right message, to the right people, at the right time.  An invaluable tool for marketers, Sage CRM enables your marketing team to plan, execute, and measure the success of every marketing campaign they run. It becomes much easier to focus your message, eliminating guesswork and making the best use of your marketing resources.

Financial profiling, order information, purchase histories, special interests, and demographics can all be used to create detailed and accurate profiles of your customers and prospects, resulting in a more closely targeted marketing campaign.

The more targeted your campaigns are, the more successful they will be. Sage CRM makes it easier to deliver highly targeted campaigns by providing your marketing team with detailed information drawn from across your business. Whether using your own campaign lists or imported mail lists, executing campaigns has never been easier.

Sage CRM also provides effective controls for monitoring marketing budgets and can also calculate direct revenue yields. With reports you can track the source of leads and assess opportunities to focus on prospects that are more likely to purchase, increasing program ROI and getting the most out of your marketing budget.

Sage CRM will help you to:

  • Manage a marketing campaign across multiple channels
  • Track new leads and sales opportunities
  • Use powerful campaign reports to improve you next campaign

Learn how to plan, execute, and measure your campaigns with Sage CRM

Learn More about Sage CRM for Marketing

Managing your marketing campaigns within Sage CRM will help you get more from your marketing budget.

  • Identify the sources of leads, opportunities and closed sales
  • Find customer information and records quickly and easily
  • View campaign by users, activities and resources
Within Sage CRM, you can segment customer and prospect lists and send targeted marketing communications to the right people.

  • Create marketing lists and groups using specific criteria
  • Record and re-use successful campaign lists or import existing mailing lists
  • Automatically create sub-lists of responses for future campaigns
Your sales team can manage and track new leads in Sage CRM and follow-up on key sales opportunities.

  • Track the source of leads with powerful reporting tools
  • Assign leads to sales professionals using automated workflows
  • Identify and measure leads using theleads pipeline
Do you use email to communicate with customers, prospects and leads?  Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools modern businesses have at their disposal. With minimal resources, small and medium sized companies can send personal, relevant emails to members of their mailing lists.

Email is a powerful marketing tool because:

  • It’s budget-friendly
  • It’s more personal than a sales page or social media campaign
  • It’s immediate

With Sage CRM, you can send emails to up to 2,000 customers for free in Sage CRM using MailChimp. You can build campaigns using dozens of predefined templates or create a new template for your business.  Once you’ve started a MailChimp campaign, you can view how recipients interact with the campaign emails and follow up with appropriate actions in Sage CRM.  With Sage CRM, you can monitor open rates and responses to your campaigns in real-time. You can then use this information to improve future campaigns and increase your return on investment in Sage CRM.  Sage CRM and MailChimp give you the built-in email marketing tools you need to reach customers and prospects and:

  • Build campaign lists faster
  • Send your messages to the right people at the right time
  • Track and improve your campaigns using analytics
You can measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and quantify the return on your investment.

  • Calculate revenues from each marketing campaign
  • Set up alerts to flag when a campaign is over budget
  • Generate marketing campaign reports in minutes

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