Synch Sage CRM With Your Google Calendar With This Powerful Add-On

It’s the little things that devour most of our time.

For example, take an instance when you are chatting with an associate and finally confirm a crucial meeting for Tuesday at 9:00 AM. Your associate, an avid Gmail user, sends a calendar meeting reminder to your Google account. While the message was sent with the best of professional intentions, you are now assigned the annoying task of copying and pasting the meeting reminder into Sage CRM (SageCRM) to add it to the calendar you actually use.

If you don’t, you have the potential to miss the meeting because the reminder was lost in a program you rarely use.

In a perfect world we would all operate under one fully integrated software solution where problems like this would be unheard of. Unfortunately, that day is far off. In the mean-time, TechnoTropic offers the Google Calendar Sync add-on for Sage CRM. With this add-on installed on your Sage CRM system, situations like the one above are a thing of the past.

This add-on couldn’t be easier to launch in Sage CRM. After downloading and installing the file in your system, a Gmail sync tab is added to your Sage CRM calendar. To sync both calendars, simply click the tab, input your Gmail user name and password and your sync begins. Everything in your Google Calendar is imported into Sage CRM and synced up on the proper dates. Voila!

The sync is bi-directional so any items in your Sage CRM calendar will be displayed on your Google Calendar if you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have access to Sage CRM (iPhone and Android users shouldn’t have this issue.) Any changes made, such as a cancelled or rescheduled meeting, will be reflected in Sage CRM and Google Calendar.

Currently, the Google Calendar Sync for Sage CRM is a TechnoTropic exclusive. Please contact us for more information.