A Simple Guide To The Sage CRM Contacts Tab

The contacts tab, found under the My CRM button on the main menu, is a helpful tab used to quickly view your primary contacts in Sage CRM. The two main features of this tab are to keep track of the people you contact most frequently and to let Sage CRM know which contacts you would like to sync with Outlook via the Outlook integration.

The first main function of the Contacts tab is to keep track of your primary contacts. You simply need to add people to the list. This can be done in a few different ways.

1. To add several people based on similar criteria from the find screen, click on add contacts button, add a filter in the find screen and click on the find button. After you have the list of people in the results grid you can add them to your contacts by checking each person you wish to add or check them all using the Select/Deselect All check box on the bottom of the list. Once you have selected all the contacts you wish to add, click on the Add Contacts button on the right hand side. You will be brought back to the Contacts tab with your new contacts added.

2. You can also add people to the Contacts tab while looking at any person record by clicking on the Add to Contacts button found on the right side of the screen.

3. You can add contacts where you are the account manager of the Company, Person, Opportunity or Case. You can also add contacts for any communication you are assigned. To add contacts in one of these ways, click on the Add Group of Contacts button on the Contacts tab, select the option you wish to use from the list, click OK on the prompt and the contacts are added.

If there are a few contacts in your list that you no longer need, click on the Remove Contact check box in the list and click on the Remove Selected Contacts button on the right side of the screen. The contacts will be removed and the list will refresh to show your remaining contacts.

The second main function of the Contacts tab used by the Outlook integration is to sync your contacts. If installed and configured, any contact in your Contacts list will sync to Outlook. This is primarily used to have the contacts show up on your cell phone synced with Outlook. The integration can also be configured to add any contacts in Outlook to be brought into Sage CRM while syncing. This method can result in a lot of people being added that you may not want in the Sage CRM. I recommend adding contacts directly to Sage CRM through the Import Wizard or manually adding them and let them sync to Outlook after you add them to your Contacts tab in Sage CRM. If you chose to remove a contact from your Contact list in Sage CRM the contact will also be removed from your contact list in Outlook.

Now that you are an expert on adding contacts to your Contact list you will be able to quickly add, remove and view any primary contacts in Sage CRM from your Contacts tab. If you wish to have your contacts syncing with Outlook contact your System Administrator to have them quickly set it up for you.