Your Simple Guide To Notes In Sage CRM

Explore Notes in Sage CRM


What is a Note?

The Note function allows you to add notes to leads, companies, persons, opportunities and proposals. Think of it as a sticky note for a record the entire office can see. Adding notes is an easy way to store and share useful bits of information across Sage CRM that any user can view in a record.

An example of a company or person note may be something like “The head office of the company is closed on Friday.” It’s information that doesn’t fit into other areas of Sage CRM but are important to know when working with that particular customer.

An example of an opportunity or proposal note may be something like “Dan is the final decision maker.” Again, this informs all users that any final purchase information must be signed off by Dan and is easily viewable when they are working in the record.

The two rules of Notes

  1. Notes are typically for information that doesn’t require any further action. Action items work better as Communication records.
  2. Notes do not appear on a user’s calendar*.

* If you need a piece of information to appear on a calendar, you must create a task or appointment and assign it to the user you’d like to see it.

Adding Notes to a company or contact

On the right hand side of the screen, click New Note. An open text field will appear for you to add any information you’d like attached to the company record. The Note will be labeled with the name of the user that inputted it under the User field. Records can contain several notes, if you are only looking for entries from a specific user you can sort notes by the User field. Do this by choosing the user name on the right hand side of the screen. Sage CRM Defaults to Notes by all users when the Notes tab is selected on a record.

When you are searching through a company record, notes added to contacts at that company will show up. If you prefer these notes don’t show up, a Sage CRM user with administrative rights can change the default setting so only Company Notes show up in a company record or vice versa.

Add Notes to a Case or Opportunity

Adding notes to a case or opportunity is done in the same manner as a Contact. It’s important to know these notes will only show up on the particular case or opportunity it’s been added to, not the company or company contact record.

Searching for Notes in Sage CRM

Notes are not searchable from the Find screen even when using a Keyword search. Notes can only be found when you are in the record.

…and there you have it! You are now a master of creating and understanding Notes in Sage CRM.