CHICAGO, Sept. 26, 2016 – Azamba Consulting Group is continually improving the OnTrack CRM Adoption portal.

“Without support and user training after CRM installation, about half of implementations fail,” says Peter Wolf, president of Azamba Consulting Group. Azamba specializes in Sage CRM implementations for small and medium-sized businesses. “With OnTrack, you can get up and running in 30 days. That is installation, training and actual use in 30 days.”

And now the introduction, training and testing site for CRM users has moved from WordPress to a learning management system that allows for greater functionality and efficiency.

OnTrack CRM Adoption System has made great strides. The new portal alleviates the manual efforts—hard-copy tests graded by hand against a printed answer guide. It also eliminates the digital limitations of the earlier version—a single username and password per company so all users saw all training materials, not just those appropriate to their individual roles.

“Both Azamba and your company administrator can check that users have completed quizzes and by their scores, determine whether they need more training,” says Wolf. “We thought about the user experience in re-inventing OnTrack CRM Adoption System, and now each user sees only materials relevant to him or her.”

The improved system also allows a system administrator inside the client business to create logins and training curriculum for new employees without having to engage Azamba.

In addition, Azamba has integrated surveys in the OnTrack CRM Adoption System so that anyone who uses it may comment on system functionality and suggest improvements.

OnTrack CRM Adoption System includes coaching and deep-dive learning sessions that help businesses maximize use of Sage CRM and derive more value from it, increasing the ROI of the software.

“Azamba provides continuity for clients as people become more enmeshed in what CRM can do,” says Wolf. “We create and keep up-to-date all instructions, activities, videos, workbooks and worksheets. We help make client companies more and more efficient.”

OnTrack is a fixed-price subscription service with set deliverables and checkpoints to drive successful CRM usage. There are no upfront fees, and you may cancel at any time.


About Azamba Consulting Group

Azamba Consulting Group is the leading provider of Sage CRM implementation, training and support in North America. With offices in Chicago, Columbus, Ohio, and Indianapolis, Azamba offers affordable, easy-to-use software specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses. For more information, visit or call 888.724.3999.