Sage CRM Add-Ons

Get the most from your CRM

Sage CRM toolboxes by Azamba include add-ons, customizations, and solutions designed to augment and enhance your Sage CRM system. Your CRM will be more powerful and more efficient—and so will your team!

Our toolboxes are constantly growing, and are built based on customer feedback and requests. If we don’t have something yet, we’ll build it!

At this time, we offer two Azamba toolboxes. You can browse their features in more detail by clicking the links below.

Automation Toolbox

Provide your customers with a consistent, high-quality experience and maximize the value of your CRM investment with the Azamba Automation Toolbox. Automate repetitive but important tasks that might otherwise fall through the cracks when left to people who can get busy, get sick, or simply forget to follow up.

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ERP Toolbox

Understand sales trends, boost sales, and improve visibility for your team with the Azamba ERP Toolbox. Search, view, sort, and run reports on Sage 100 accounting data from directly within your CRM records. Works with or without ERP integration or integration-compatible systems, and does not require additional Sage 100 workstations.

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