Azamba Automation Toolbox

Sage CRM Add-On Package

What the Automation Toolbox will do for you

Maintain close, quality communication with your customers by providing your salespeople with automatic reminders and last contact dates with the Azamba Automation Toolbox.

CRM is most valuable when using automation tools that keep your salespeople informed and proactive. If you aren’t using Sage CRM to automate any of your business processes, you aren’t maximizing the value of your CRM investment.

The Azamba Automation Toolbox automates repetitive but important tasks that might otherwise fall through the cracks when left to people who can get busy, get sick, or simply forget to follow up. Those tasks can make or break customer relationships. Properly automated, they always get done, which shows your customers that you are consistent and dependable.


The Automation Toolbox features:


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Opportunity Notification

Keep your opportunities progressing and your customers happy with the Opportunity Notification Tool.

The Opportunity Notification Tool automates follow-up notifications throughout your sales process and eliminates the need to set those notifications manually. Your sales team will receive reminders to follow up on quotes, contact accounts that haven’t been contacted recently, and check in with customers to ensure quality and satisfaction.

You choose the timing and number of these notifications to fit your sales process and ensure a consistent, high-quality experience for your prospects and customers.

Advanced Mail Manager

Streamline your email filing and processing and improve your efficiency and response time with the Advanced Mail Manager tool.

All you have to do is set the email addresses you wish to link in Sage CRM, and the Advanced Mail Manager tool will automatically file emails in Sage CRM and add them to process queues as cases, leads, opportunities, sales, etc.

Used in conjunction with Exchange integration, users don’t need to install Outlook plug-ins that require compatible versions and can be clunky and unreliable. The Advanced Mail Manager even works if you don’t have access to online or mobile CRM.

Add or extend functionality, improve visibility and reporting, and make life easier for you and your team!

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