10 Easy Steps to Create a Sub-Group with Sage CRM

Sage CRM Campaigns, Response Codes and Sub-Groups

Sage CRM Campaigns allow the user to set up multiple set Response Codes for a campaign.

Response  codes are what allow us to capture the marketing recipient’s responses to a particular Wave Activity. Response codes may be setup on a Campaign level and used throughout the campaign. They are  used when a new set of response codes has not been explicitly defined for a Wave Activity.

Let’s say you have a product launch and from a marketing campaign you send out an email that gives a brief description of what the new product has to offer. You may receive such responses as: Tell Me More, I’m Ready to Buy, and No Thank You.

The next step, or Wave II, of your campaign may be to target all of sub-groups based on the various response codes. First, start creating your sub-groups so you can email/target these groups in a more accurate and tailored fashion.

Follow these 10 easy steps to create a sub-group.

  1. Click on Marketing (found in the Main Menu).
  2. Select the proper Campaign Name.
  3. Select the corresponding Wave Activity based off of which you want to create a sub-group.
  4. Click on ‘Create New Group’ to the right of the Wave Activity block.
  5. Verify the Select Wave Activity chosen is the one you want to use to create your sub-group.
  6. Give the new group a Name (e.g.’ Want More Product Info’).
  7. Make the Group available to whom-ever is applicable for your organization.
  8. Select the responses for which you are creating your sub-group by using the Ctrl+Click (to select multiple values). If your sub-group is only for ‘All Good Responses’ as the example above does, then only highlight ‘Tell Me More’.
  9. Click Preview List to see the content of the group you are about to create.

Click Save! The Group is now available for Marketing Campaigns and through the Groups Tab.