Solve Your Sage CRM User Emergencies With Reassignment

How to Reassign Opportunities Other Activities in Sage CRM


I got a panicked call from a client of mine named Joe, the VP of Sales at a large distribution company. His top sales rep, Todd, decided to pursue a life of surfing and ditch his Blackberry and laptop for good. Sounds like a stress free life…for the sales rep. As for Joe, he’s now stuck with over a hundred Sage CRM open Opportunities from Todd’s pipeline and many more pending tasks and communications to be completed by Todd to follow up on these sales opportunities. This is big business and we all know that every dollar lost is another gained by a competitor. These opportunities needed to be distributed and it needed to be done quickly.

Whether you’re expanding regions (aka a Sage CRM Territory), or breaking them down further, someone is taking a leave for an injury/birth or the not so expected instances where someone has to be let go or leaves, Sage CRM gives you a fall back. You have the ability to ensure the security of your system by disabling users (which prevents them from logging into CRM successfully.) You also have the ability to Re-Assign: Companies, People, Tasks, Appointments, Opportunities, Cases, Leads and even Solutions to either a single user or to an entire team.

I walked Joe through how to accomplish re-assignment in CRM and he was breathing a sigh of relief within a few minutes. First, we went into Administration | Users | Users and searched for Todd’s user record. Second, he clicked on Todd’s name and I explained that he had the option to either Disable and Re-Assign or just Re-Assign. Since Todd wasn’t a threat to the company and Joe still wanted him to be able to login to the system for the upcoming weeks to look up information, he decided to only click on Re-Assign.


Once in the Re-Assign screen, Joe decided that he wanted all of Todd’s pending Communications and Opportunities only to Anderson Fields, who would be replacing Todd. He also chose to make Anderson the new Account Manager on all of Todd’s Company and Person accounts. As shown below, he ticked off both of the checkboxes next to Companies and People. Since Joe had informed me that he knew the system was being backed up every hour and we had a back-up of the Sage CRM database, just to be safe, I had him click Go. That’s it! All open/pending items on Todd’s plate were moved onto Anderson and Joe can still see Todd’s name on completed Opportunities, Communications, etc.

Joe now knew that Todd’s pending/open Opportunities and Communications were moved to Anderson’s MyCRM Calendar, on his dashboard and in his pipeline. Not to mention, the calendar would be synchronized with Anderson’s Outlook as soon as his next synchronization takes place. Joe told me that in all the three years he had been using Sage CRM he never knew about that button. He said that a ton of stress had been lifted off his shoulders. As for Todd, I don’t think there’s much stress in beach life…he’ll be fine.

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