How Does the Enhanced Calendar Help in Sage CRM 2017?

Sage CRM 2017 Has Big Changes – Like the New Easy-to-Use Calendar


Here at Azamba, we’re really excited about all the new changes in Sage CRM 2017. In fact, we’ve already written one blog post talking about the many new updates, feature enhancements, and streamlined capabilities of the reimagined CRM 2017, but we still have more to talk about.

If you’ve been frustrated with the cumbersome and confusing calendar feature in your old version of Sage CRM, we’ve got good news for you: the enhanced calendar in Sage CRM 2017 is going to be much easier for you to use. Let’s talk about it.

Revamping the Calendar

You guys complained about the calendar feature in Sage CRM and Sage listened! To meet your needs and requests, Sage has completely redone the calendar’s look, feel, layout, and navigation, and now it’s a lot like the calendar in Microsoft Office 365.

This new revamp makes it easier for you to access and use your agenda, and separates tasks and appointments to increase your personal and team efficiency. Not only can you choose exactly how you want to view your calendar (24-hour day, business day, week, work week, or detailed daily agenda), you can also personalize your calendar’s colors so that you get the information you need in a single glance.

Using Agenda View

If you’re the kind of person who prefers to know your exact tasks and meetings each day, you’ll enjoy the detailed agenda view in Sage CRM 2017. This update features striking new visuals, as well as a complete listing of all your tasks and appointments for the day.

Use it as a checklist, use it as a productivity enhancement tool, or use it to keep up with your team’s assignments – but the point is: you’ll use it. It’s a great tool that helps you plan your day better. 

Differentiating Tasks and Appointments

Sage CRM 2017 makes your calendar more flexible to use with both tasks and appointments. These features, again, are a lot like their handy Microsoft Office 365 counterparts, with a few notable differences:

  • You won’t lose tasks because you can’t delete them without admin access
  • Tasks have their own tab in CRM for easy access and viewing
  • You can filter tasks by action type, status, or “overdue”
  • Tasks do not show up on your calendar
  • Link tasks to company, person, opportunity, case, order, or quote
  • Assign tasks using multiple formats
  • Tasks can contain attachments
  • Tasks can be assigned to teams or specific users
  • External users can be added to appointments

Improving Team Communication

With easily navigable and viewable team calendars, your new CRM will make it a breeze for you to access, view, and add to your team’s calendar and task list so that you can all stay on the same page – without so many back and forth emails.

Lastly, the new and improved Sage CRM 2017 calls appointments “communications” because they capture communications related to specific entity records. This means you’ll always have access to comprehensive customer data at your fingertips, which provides you with the 365-degree customer view you need to grow your business.

Need More Information?

Sage has redesigned the Sage CRM Community site so that it’s also more streamlined and easy to use – just like the new Sage CRM. If you’re itching for more information about the calendar right now, you can browse through the site and learn more.


If you’re ready to talk to Azamba about upgrading to Sage CRM 2017, we’re here to help you figure out your needs and answer any questions you may have.