Dive into the New Search in Sage CRM 2017

Look Deeper and Find More in the New Sage CRM 2017 


Having a CRM system is great if you want a single source of information about your customers, prospects, and leads, but when you’re trying to search for a specific customer in a packed CRM system, it can take a little while to locate your record.

Or, at least, it used to take a little while.

Now, with the all-new Sage CRM 2017, your team will have access to optimized search and navigation features that help them do their job faster and easier, saving you time and money while your team helps increase your profits. Read on to learn more about the new search enhancements in Sage CRM.

New Quick Find

There are few things more embarrassing and discomfiting to a customer service representative than not being able to find information about a customer. You’ve heard it when you’ve been on the phone: the frantic typing in the background, the quiet grumbles over the headset, and then the inevitable, “May I place you on hold for a brief moment?” As soon as you hear that, you know it’s going to be a long call.

Don’t put your customer service team in that situation, and don’t put your customers in that situation either. Instead, offer your team the new Quick Find function in Sage CRM 2017. This innovative, helpful feature provides a search bar that’s always located in the top of the screen (the top navigation bar), which:

  • Provides instant results on the terms you type in (like the auto-fill feature in Google)
  • Dynamically refines instant results based on new words you add to your search (also like Google)
  • Cross-references the entire CRM application at once, including standard and custom records

Improved Notifications

Staying on top of urgent notifications is important, but sometimes the notifications on your screen can become more of a hassle than a help – especially if they obscure the part of the screen you’re looking at. Unfortunately, notifications that are instantly closed turn into notifications that are instantly forgotten, so having small, less obtrusive notifications can ensure that your team stays in the know at all times.

In addition, active notifications such as tasks, appointments, workflows, and system alerts can be easily re-accessed from the top navigation bar when your employees click the active notifications icon.

Enhanced Recent List

Need to make notes on recently accessed records? In Sage CRM 2017, your team will find that it’s easy to remember the customer files they looked up with the Recent list. Though this isn’t a new feature in Sage CRM, the fact that it’s now a snap to expand and collapse is new.

Like the improved notifications, the enhanced Recent list makes it easier for your team to stay on task with an easy-to-view screen that isn’t obscured.

Handy Favorites Feature

The great thing about a customer relationship management (CRM) system is that it helps everyone in your company to do their jobs faster and better. The bad thing about a CRM system is that everyone in the company needs to use it… which means that it may take a few clicks for each team member to reach the functions they use most often.

Sage CRM 2017 makes getting to specific screens and functions a breeze with the new Favorites feature – your team members simply need to click the Favorites icon and they’ll get to their own personalized list of commonly accessed items.

Search and Navigation Is Important

Though search and navigation may seem like a secondary feature of a CRM system, giving your team the ability to flow through your system quickly is sure to save time in your company. That won’t just make your team happier, it will also keep your customers happier. After all, the less those customers hear the dreaded, “May I put you on hold for a brief moment?” the better.


Learn more about Sage CRM 2017 and find out if it’s the right time for your company to upgrade when you contact the friendly CRM experts at Azamba.