How to Enable Bing Maps in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM

by | Microsoft Dynamics Support

How to Enable Bing Maps in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM

by | May 31, 2018 | Microsoft Dynamics Support

Bing Maps not showing on summary page?

This week in Microsoft Dynamics Supportwe’re going to talk about what to do if Bing Maps aren’t showing up on the account summary page in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM.

You can see what this looks like in the video below. I’m in the accounts screen, and I see an address, but I don’t see the map right under it.

Most of the time, the problem is that Bing Maps aren’t enabled.

See below for video and instructions on how to enable Bing Maps in Microsoft Dynamics:

Enable Bing Maps in Dynamics 365

1.) Go into Settings > Administration > System Settings.

2.) Scroll down in System Settings to Enable Bing Maps.

If you don’t see maps on your account summary screens, most likely this option is not enabled.

3.) Choose Yes to Show Bing maps on forms, then click OK.

When you go back to an account, you should now see that maps are back on at the accounts summary screen.

If you still do not see the map, you may need to refresh your browser. Sometimes when you enable Bing Maps, the map might not show until you refresh the screen.

3a.) If you do not see Bing Maps on your account summary screens, press F5 or hit the refresh button to make sure the screen is refreshed.

You should now see the map on your account summary records.


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