8 High-Value Benefits of Sage CRM for Petroleum Marketers

8 High-Value Benefits of Sage CRM for Petroleum Marketers

by | Sage CRM

8 High-Value Benefits of Sage CRM for Petroleum Marketers

by | May 8, 2019 | Sage CRM

What an out-of-the-box, industry-specific solution can do for your business

Is your Sage CRM system built to handle the complex demands of petroleum marketing?

If your Sage CRM system isn’t optimized for Petroleum Marketing, then you’re doing more work to get less value from your CRM system.


Can your sales team do business from anywhere on their smartphones, or are they only at their best from behind a desk?

Can you manage your customers by bill-to and ship-to location, or are you still using default accounts that don’t account for complex, multi-address customers?

Can you track opportunities and sales in gallons, or are you stuck converting to and from dollars on the fly?

When your sales team logs into CRM, do they see custom-built dashboards that quickly communicate critical information, or default views that offer minimal industry-specific insight?

If your Sage CRM system isn’t optimized for Petroleum Marketing, then you’re doing more work to get less value than you should from your system.

That’s why we offer Sage CRM for Petroleum Marketers as an out-of-the-box, industry-specific CRM solution that speaks your language, works the way you work, and manages the challenges of your complex industry. 

In this article, I’ll break down the 8 most important ways Sage CRM for Petroleum Marketers benefits marketers, managers, and support teams in fuels, lubricants, propane, and other sectors of petroleum marketing, and then offer you some next steps for determining whether it’s the right system for you.


1. Focus on your highest value opportunities first

Lead and Opportunity Artificial Intelligence identifies and alerts you to your highest-value opportunities. What does that mean? Basically, you get your best leads sent straight to your smartphone automatically!

Sage CRM for Petroleum Marketers uses built-in analytics to find the opportunities that you have the best chance of winning in the shortest timeframe.

Once those opportunities have been identified, the system can send notifications to your smartphone to alert you when a new opportunity is identified or an existing opportunity is being overlooked.

Between built-in intelligence and alerts, the system ensures you won’t miss activities or deadlines that could cost you a deal!


2. Increase share of wallet

It is far easier to upsell or cross-sell to an existing customer than to win new business!

Cross-Sell Artificial Intelligence analyzes customer purchasing patterns, identifies high-value opportunities for you, notifies you of those opportunities, and can even send you follow-up notifications to make sure you aren’t missing anything.

For example, imagine one of your customers purchases “Product A” but not a related “Product B.” If these products are often purchased together, that makes this customer an excellent candidate for “Product B.”

Sage CRM for Petroleum Marketers is designed to find those opportunities and send them straight to your smartphone, so you don’t miss a chance to turn a good sale into a great one.


3. See the most important information at a glance

Even top-notch AI can miss opportunities an experienced salesperson won’t. That’s why it’s so important that you and your team have access to easy-to-analyze customer information.

But out-of-the-box Sage CRM dashboards don’t always display the information you and your sales team care most about. That’s why we built industry-optimized dashboards into Sage CRM for Petroleum Marketers.

Sales Throughput and Opportunity Management Dashboards for Petroleum Marketers give you critical insights into what your customers need most right now based on their purchase behavior.

They track and display customer purchases opportunities in gallons, not just dollars (though you can also track by gross profit if you wish), as well as by product by customer and by salesperson, month over month, year over year.

Our custom dashboards give you and your team the information you need at a glance to identify how best to focus your sales efforts.


4. Keep your customers coming back

Not only is it far easier to upsell to an existing customer than to win a new one, but it is also far easier to keep a current customer happy than to win their business back!

Customer Satisfaction Artificial Intelligence analyzes customer purchasing patterns and customer support records, identifying accounts that need your immediate attention while keeping you in consistent contact with everyone else.

Imagine one of your customers has altered their purchasing patterns and is now buying less and less from you. Is it a warning sign, or have their needs simply changed?

You won’t know until you talk to them about it, and if you don’t notice the trend, you might not talk to them in time if it does turn out to be a warning sign.

Sage CRM for Petroleum Marketers sends automatic alerts to your phone when customers drop off in their purchases, giving you time to save the account before they defect to another vendor.

You also get alerts you if a customer submits a problem to support, giving you time to coordinate support efforts, keep them happy, and save the account.


5. Do business anytime, anywhere

You take your smart phone with you everywhere, and between your smartphone and your laptop or tablet, you should have access to all your company’s resources from anywhere at any time.

Sage CRM Mobile for Petroleum Marketers connects you to powerful sales, service, and accounting tools on the go, keeping you ready to sell anytime, anywhere, and to anyone, and enabling you to plan your sales strategies more intelligently, take better care of your existing customers, and be more successful.

Sage CRM mobile gives you and your field reps remote access to prospect and customer information, including your calendars, appointments, accounts, contacts, locations, activities, opportunities, cases, leads, and reports.

It also allows you to dictate notes into CRM via smartphone, before you forget important details, so your records remain as complete and valuable as possible.

Plus, you get Outlook and CRM alerts sent straight to your smartphone, and can even launch, log, and tracks both calls and emails in CRM from your phone.


6. Manage multiple sales teams and products

Opportunity Management for Petroleum Marketers gives you the tools to manage multiple sales teams in lubricants, bulk fuels, propane, fuel cards, aviation, transportation, and wholesale.

Sage CRM for Petroleum Marketers uses standardized screens, fields, and dropdowns specifically designed for petroleum marketers who often work with many very different products and/or across many different product, industry, or regional teams.

That means you get the information and tools you need in the language you, your customers, and your distributors speak, all united by standardized sales process workflows based on established major oil company sales best practices.


7. Manage multi-address accounts easily

Sage CRM manages customers at the account level by default. But for most petroleum marketers, your accounts are split into many different locations, each with their own needs, orders, and contacts.

Ship-to-address and Location Management tools enable you to manage multi-address accounts and associated account managers at the address level rather than just the default account level. You can assign account managers and manage sales opportunities, sales activities, and support cases at the address level.

Plus, Sage CRM for Petroleum Marketers offers easy access to the ship-to and bill-to addresses assigned to you right from your starting screen in My CRM.


8. Onboard new customers effortlessly

The last thing you want to do after winning a deal is keep your new customer waiting. Automated Customer Onboarding and New Customer Welcome Communications ensure you can onboard customers as soon as you close the deal and serve them well right from the start.

Sage CRM for Petroleum Marketers automates new customer setup by notifying your credit department to process new credit applications at the touch of a button, then notifying you automatically as soon as the deal goes through.

And while you wait for final approval, it is easy to track any credit applications still in process.

Once your new customer is ready to get started, they system automatically sends welcome communications and documentation so you can focus on the communications that require more specific attention and a more personal touch.


Is Sage CRM for Petroleum Marketers right for you?

Find out by scheduling a free, no-obligation review of your current business technology solutions with a senior Azamba consultant!

My colleagues and I at Azamba will help you identify opportunities to maintain your competitive edge, mitigate risks to your business, maximize value of your existing software and integrations, and increase profitability in the highly-competitive oil and gas industry.

We can help you determine whether an industry-specific solution is right for you, and if not, offer you other ways to get more value from the systems and processes you already use!

Our team has years of experience working with petroleum marketers like you, and decades of experience optimizing CRM. We’ll ensure you get the best results from your system and your team! 

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Colin Chambers is a senior CRM consultant at Azamba. He has served as a CRM and ERP consultant, small business owner, and CRM practice director in his 23-year tech career. In that time, he has completed more than 100 CRM implementations, primarily in the petroleum marketing, software, healthcare, and U.S. government contracting sectors.

Colin's goal is to leverage technology to simplify and streamline sales and service processes, increase user adoption, and ultimately, to empower salespeople to increase sales.

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