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How to Assign a Security Role to a User in Microsoft Dynamics 365

How to Assign a Security Role to a User in Microsoft Dynamics 365

by | Microsoft Dynamics 365

How to Assign a Security Role to a User in Microsoft Dynamics 365

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Microsoft Dynamics 365

Assign or change security roles in 6 simple steps

This time in Microsoft Dynamics Support, we’ll look at how to assign a security role to a user in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

Security roles grant specific, entity-based privileges and access levels to users. In other words, security roles determine what information a user can access, edit, add, change, remove, etc.

Role-based privileges and access levels are additive, meaning that a user with multiple roles and/or teams will have all the rights granted by those roles and teams.

Whenever you add a user to CRM, you will need to assign that user one or more security roles. 

You may also need to add, remove, or change a user’s security roles from time to time if that user’s role in your organization changes.

Fortunately, assiging or changing a security role in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is quite simple.

Assign a role to a Dynamics 365 user

To assign a role to a user in Dynamics 365:

1. Click on the setting gear (Settings Gear Icon Microsoft Dynamics 365) on the right side of your navigation bar, then choose Advanced Settings from the dropdown menu to open the legacy web interface in a new browser window.

2. From the legacy navigation bar, go to Settings > System > Security.

3. Select Users Icon Microsoft Dynamics 365 oldUsers to open your default users view.

4. Click in the checkbox (Empty Checkbox Microsoft Dynamics 365 old) column to the left of the user name to select (Checked Checkbox Microsoft Dynamics 365 old) users one at a time, or click the at the top of the view to select all users.

5. Click Manage Roles Icon Microsoft Dynamics 365Manage Roles in the legacy command bar:

6. Select one or more roles for the user(s), then click OK.


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