Boost Your MSP Earnings with Strategic Partnerships

by | Apr 2, 2024 | Microsoft Dynamics 365, Partners

Time is money, we’ve been told since childhood. 

The idea is that people should focus their attention on the things that bring value to them, and avoid the things that don’t. Since time is a precious resource, it makes sense to try and maximize its utility as it’s the one thing we can never get back. 

That’s fair enough, as far as it goes. We want to make sure that the investment of time will yield the value that justifies that investment. 

What is your time worth? If you’re an MSP, you might know that your time is worth $200/$300 an hour, maybe more. So one hour of time needs to generate at least that amount of money. 

What if you could make that return of $200/$300 an hour look absolutely puny? 

What if with one hour of time you could get a return of not just a couple of hundred dollars but thousands of dollars? 

There’s no catch. No gimmick. No MLM-type of weirdness. 

It’s really straightforward. 

One hour of time spent with Azamba can yield these kinds of results. We are the Outsourced CRM Practice for dozens of partner organizations. 

It starts with an account overview, where we walk through your accounts with you and using all the tools at our disposal, help you identify the low-hanging fruit. 

It continues with some very basic opportunity qualification. This is as short as one phone call or email. 

And then Azamba takes it from there. 

We’ll do the discovery call. 

We’ll land the opportunity. 

You get the licensing revenue. 

You get a piece of the services revenue around our solution, for as long as the customer is on our platform, usually 6+ years. 

We take care of the implementation, onboarding, support, and change management. 

We’re not like other CRM consultants. 

We offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Why? Because we’re serious about creating great customer outcomes. 

We operate differently. We don’t believe in the Big Bang approach to CRM. We start small, delivering useful value from the beginning. We work directly with the teams that will use the system to create user experiences that teams want to be part of. 

And we’re partner-focused, with 95% of our business flowing through partners just like you. 

There’s CRM gold in your account base. Let’s unlock it together and help you drive higher customer value, better account profitability, and improved customer stickiness. 

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Patrick Nantel

Patrick Nantel is Director of Partner Sales at Azamba, helping partners quickly capitalize on the opportunities in front of them.

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