Microsoft Dynamics 365 Old Interface is Going Away – Are You Ready?

by | Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Old Interface is Going Away – Are You Ready?

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Microsoft Dynamics 365

What Does the New Unified Interface Mean to Me?

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM), you’ve probably been seeing a lot of emails from Microsoft saying that the legacy web client (old user interface) will be deprecated on December 1st, 2020 in favor of the new “unified interface” app – but what exactly does that mean?

“Apps” in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales refers to the interface in which your users interact with the CRM application. Although you can manually select a particular app from the Dynamics 365 menu in Office 365, most users’ app will open automatically upon opening CRM.


2 Dynamics is Discontinuing the Old Web Apps - app selection2

What Happens if I’m Not Using the New Unified Interface App?

Unless you manually schedule your Dynamics 365 Sales update, Microsoft will force push the update to your system on December 1st, 2020. If your team is still using the old web app interface when this update gets pushed, your CRM is at risk for:

  • Broken connections
  • Broken add-ons
  • Broken processes and automations
  • Amplification of existing issues
  • Some data not transferring
  • Navigation unfamiliarity

If your Dynamics 365 CRM system is more than a year old, there is a chance you are using the old web interface.

If needed, the Azamba team will be available to ensure you will not have issues during this transition. However, only you can check which style app your team is actively using.

Old Web App Look vs. New Unified Interface App Look

The good news is that most Dynamics 365 users are likely already using the new unified interface app and don’t even realize. Here, we will point out the differences between the old app style and the new app style:


Old Dynamics 365 web interface:

Dynamics is Discontinuing the Old Web Apps - old web interface2
NOTE: This overhead dropdown menu style is still used for Admin back-end customizations.

If you are an admin – This style will still be available to you for settings and customizations.
If you are a salesperson – This style will be discontinued.

New Dynamics 365 Unified Interface:

December 1st, 2020

Which App is my Company Using?

Although the above method is an easy way to check if your using the deprecating web app or the new unified interface app, there are situations where you want to be 100% sure which app you’re using. In which case, you have a couple options to verify.

NOTE: Apps with “Hub” in their titles, including the streamlined OnTrack Sales Hub are all new unified interface apps.

Method 1:

If you see either of these warnings when you open your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales system, you are using the old UI and should consider our Next Steps.

Method 2:

You can also manually check what each type of app in your system is.

Step 1:

With Administrator or System Customizer permissions, Click the Gear in the upper left, then click Advanced Settings.

Step 2:

On the top Navigation Bar, click on the Down Arrow next to “Settings,” then click on “Apps.”

Dynamics is Discontinuing the Old Web Apps - check step 2

Step 3:

Look through the list of apps and identify which one your team uses. The selection square will display “WEB” on apps that will be deprecated, and “UNIFIED INTERFACE” on apps that are safe.

Dynamics is Discontinuing the Old Web Apps - check step 3-2
NOTE: Often, the name of the app you’re using will be displayed next to “Dynamics 365” in the Command Bar when not navigating the settings. This is also a good indicator that you are using the Unified Interface.

Next Steps

If your team has verified that you are using a new unified interface app, no further action needs to be taken on your end!

Otherwise, contact your Azamba Concierge or Dynamics partner as soon as possible if:

  1. You are unsure of which app your team is currently using.
  2. Your team is using an old web app actively.
  3. You have questions or concerns regarding your Dynamics 365 app.

Our team is standing by to make sure your app transition is simple and painless!


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