Peter Wolf & Copiloting the CRM Journey: Podcast

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Peter Wolf & Copiloting the CRM Journey: Podcast

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A Decade of Enterprise Software Evolution and What Lies Ahead for CRM

In a special episode commemorating the 10th anniversary of the “Enterprise Service Podcast,” our company president, Peter Wolf, shares invaluable insights into the current state and future of CRM. Dive into a discussion filled with informative updates, exciting new programs at Azamba, and the essentials for CRM success.

Hear Peter Wolf cover:

    1. State of CRM Today: Peter Wolf discusses the latest trends driving the evolution of CRM systems.
    2. New Initiatives at Azamba: Unveiling CRM in a Can and RapidLaunch – innovative programs designed to streamline CRM implementation and efficiency.
    3. Making CRM Work for You: Insights into the key factors that contribute to the success of a CRM system.
    4. Staying Informed for 2024: The importance of keeping up-to-date with industry changes, trends, and upcoming events.

About Enterprise Software Podcast

The Enterprise Software Podcast has been a beacon of knowledge and trends in the enterprise software world for a decade. Hosted by Bob McAdam, Todd McDaniel, and Darcy Boerio, the podcast covers a range of topics from Dynamics software to broader enterprise solutions. Learn how they began, the journey of their podcast, and how they’ve successfully engaged a diverse audience over the years.

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This is 5-week guided training program will get you and your team up and running with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM with our proven, structured implementation methodology. This virtual classroom approach offers a set schedule to allow your team to receive weekly training, instructions, and assignments to guide them towards a successful roll out of CRM.

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