These are not part of a method on this list.

Last month I offered some ideas to keep your sales staff focused and productive by automating tasks and alerts in Sage CRM (SageCRM). This month, I’m continuing the series with more methods to keep your sales department running efficiently.

Auto-Schedule Appointments
Auto-schedule calendar appointments and meetings based on a date in the future chosen for an opportunity. Instead of having to key in your appointments and meetings, why not have Sage CRM set them automatically for you?

If, for example, your sales person is entering an opportunity and you have a target review date with them one week out from the day the opportunity is created, you can script Sage CRM to auto-create those appointments. This creates less data entry for your salespeople and more time for sales.

Automatically Close Tasks
You may want to set the status of all tasks related to an opportunity to ‘completed’ when the sale is closed so the tasks don’t show up on someone’s calendar after everything is completed. If an opportunity gets pushed to a sale, Sage CRM can automatically close those tasks. This creates less confusion in your office in the event that a member of the staff forgets to close out any remaining tasks.

Email Your Customers a Sales Receipt
Auto-email the customer a pre-built HTML template with their sales receipt once the sale has been completed. If an order is placed and your criteria is to make it an official ’sale,’ you can configure Sage CRM to automatically send an email to that customer with a receipt of the sale. If you’re not comfortable doing that using automation methods, you can create a more generic sale form thanking your customer for their business. This keeps your customer happy and confident your company has the tools it needs to stay focused.

Distribute Leads by Type and Territory
Distribute and automate outbound lead phone calls for salespeople based on a schedule by type of lead or territory. Sage CRM can keep the phone calls distributed to your salespeople without them needing to look up and process the leads. If you have the telephone integration and Sage CRM customized properly, you can make outbound calls on the set schedule or field incoming calls and have the record automatically pop up in Sage CRM. This saves your salespeople the wasted time of looking up the customer and/or lead and gets them straight to the critical information they need as fast as possible.

Automatically Email Sales Managers
Auto-email the sales managers when a sale has completed or sales goals have been met for a particular salesperson. What manager doesn’t want to see when their salespeople are selling? Aside from sales forecasts and goals, this will keep your salespeople focused and ensure they are making sales.

These methods only scrape the surface of Sage CRM’s abilities to help your sales force. What are some of the automation methods you have implemented successfully with Sage CRM to keep your team on track?