Thanks to technology, a small business is easier to start than ever, but that doesn’t mean they are easy to maintain. Integrating Sage CRM in to your small business will sustain profitability and help transition to the larger operation you first dreamed of.

Install and Learn Sage CRM

Seems obvious, right? Let’s put special emphasis on the word ‘learn.’

On a tight budget, it’s easy to tell yourself that the software is what you need and familiarizing yourself with it will come with time. While you may be saving cash up front, the time and energy it will take to figure out Sage CRM (or any new software) on your own will heavily cut in to your reason for purchasing Sage CRM in the first place: making money.

Have you ever watched a newbie’s first attempt at Excel (believe me, it still happens)? Even if they do figure out the basic functions after consulting a few internet forums, they will be missing out on the advanced features designed to simplify entry.

Sage CRM is the same. It’s not difficult to master the basic functions but without proper education from a certified consultant, you will miss out on some major benefits to your businesses that aren’t apparent to untrained eyes. Educating yourself and your staff on the software right after your installation will help you avoid wasting time and get you closer to success faster.

Get More Customers

How’s your marketing? If that question triggers stress, you’re not alone. You may have a fantastic company but if nobody knows about it, how can you make money?

Relying on a third party to do your advertising is costly and not in your budget. Sage CRM offers you simple but effective marketing solutions.

E-Marketing is located in the Marketing section of Sage CRM. Here you can create and maintain email marketing campaigns to get your business the attention it deserves. You can create and send mass email blasts or focus a drip campaign to a specific customer list.

The Sage CRM for Twitter add-on is another easy way to get your name out to the world at no cost to you. In 2011, Twitter gained more users than any other social network, placing it at the front of the pack for business promotion. The Twitter add-on gives you access inside Sage CRM to send messages, find followers and save relevant customer tweets against their record for future use.

Anticipate Growth

Rapid growth is the problem you wish for. In reality, if your business starts taking off and you aren’t prepared, it can be almost as disastrous as no business at all. More business means more time spent on administrative tasks. For example, if you are in the habit of manually emailing receipts to each of your customers, the more customers you gain the more time you will waste. Sage CRM can save you a massive amount of time by automating tasks like these for you and your sales team before they become a problem.

Start setting up automation methods for your sales people before they are overwhelmed with manual tasks. Automation methods include:

  • Setting up tasks to appear in their calendars when a customer reaches a specified point in the purchase process.
  • Emailing reminders to your salesperson to follow up on a potential sale.
  • Sending late payment notifications to inform your sales team which accounts are current.

Take a look here and here for a complete list of automation methods to keep your sales team focused on selling instead of administrative tasks.

Setting up a Sage CRM customer service portal is another time-saving method for your small business. A portal gives your customers the support they are looking for around the clock.

With the portal, they have the ability to log in to your site and check their orders, invoices, product shipments and request information in one easy to access spot without the need of your staff to manually handle the requests. Setting up a portal keeps you competitive with bigger companies that staff 24 hours a day.

Starting a small business can be simple, maintaining and growing it is the true challenge. Sage CRM is an investment that gives you the advantage to grow your business by simplifying processes that waste so much of your time.