Once you have been properly trained on it, Sage CRM can transform your sales group into a well-oiled machine. You will find it:

1. Improves transparency in the sales pipeline.

Often, before a sale closes, it can be difficult to observe what stage a sale is in and what headway is being made. Sage CRM gives you and your sales people a clear view of the sales pipeline at any point in the process. The transparent sales pipeline gives everybody access to the full history of sale instead of just one individual.

2. Offers automated monitoring and alerts on accounts.

Automation features in Sage CRM alert your sales team when it is time for a customer to re-order, when an account is outstanding or a customer has not placed an order in a certain amount of time. Customize your automatic alerts to ensure your sales people are covering and monitoring every account.

3. Enables corrective action against errors earlier in the sales cycle.

The transparent Sage CRM sales pipeline  helps you catch mistakes or errors in sales protocol before they become an issue. Sage CRM creates accountability for your sales teams so there’s no question who’s responsible for the error.

4. Enables accurate sales planning.

You have the power to view your entire sales team’s revenue numbers at-a-glance. Monitoring trends and sales in Sage CRM helps you plan your future initiatives.

5. Enables at-a-glance sales performance review.

Sage CRM makes your performance reviews easier and more accurate for each sales person. You can easily look up their activity in the system to understand what your employees are accomplishing.

6. Improves prospect-to-customer conversion rate.

Sage CRM will not allow your team to lose leads or miss follow-up opportunities. Automated alerts remind your sales people the prospect has not been closed and still needs attention.

7. Provides reports to identify customer trends.

Sage CRM allows you to run reports for any customer record in the system. Your sales team can use these reports to identify up-sale opportunities and purchasing trends for similar accounts to plan future initiatives.

8. Eliminates manual and duplicated sales entry.

Sage CRM prevents wasted time on date entry and the human error of process duplication. Once data is entered into fields in Sage CRM, the system will update all related fields in reports and contact information. When the information is in the system, it’s visible on the account record and won’t be mistakenly re-entered by a second sales person.

9. Improves team collaboration.

You and your sales team have a clear view of everybody’s accounts in Sage CRM. The ability to plan and collaborate on initiatives for the future is simple and painless, removing the need for endless account status meetings.

10. Enables team members in the field to access the system through smart phones and tablets.

Sage CRM is enabled on the most popular mobile devices (iPad, Android Tablets, Kindle Fire, iPhone and Android Smartphones). Real-time updating and access to customer records in Sage CRM provides your sales people in the field with everything they need.

11. Enables a single view of comprehensive information for each customer.

Every note, proposal, contract, email address and phone number is stored in your customer’s record. Sage CRM eliminates needless scrambling through various files to piece together all the information. You and your sales team have a 360 degree view of your customers in one spot.