Why Project Champions Help Ensure CRM Implementation Success

by | CRM 101

Why Project Champions Help Ensure CRM Implementation Success

by | Feb 14, 2018 | CRM 101

Project champions are personally invested in and responsible for the success of the project. They hold users accountable for training on and using the system, and set short-term goals and a realistic timeline for deployment.

Just keep in mind that a project champion typically needs to spend about a third of their work week focused on the implementation, so it’s best to discuss reasonable workloads and timetables prior to launching your implementation.

Now you know!


Set your CRM project up for success

CRM is not a magic wand. It takes planning, focus, and buy-in to ensure your CRM project is a success. And although CRM is much, much cheaper up-front today than it was ten years ago, you still want to get the most from your CRM investment as soon as possible.

That’s where the OnTrack CRM Success System comes in.

The OnTrack CRM Success System is a structured approach to CRM implementation, training, and adoption built upon a proven methodology more than a decade in the making:


OnTrack ensures small and medium-sized businesses maximize their return on their CRM investment.

Plus, OnTrack is a fixed-price service with a 100% money-back guarantee, so you won’t get blindsided by any nasty billing surprises!

David Marincic is Partner Experience Manager at Azamba. He also manages and edits Azamba publications and social media channels.

David believes in the importance of good planning, sound practice, effective communication, and continued education in order to get the most from any technology solution.

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