Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM Loads the Mobile Version when I Try to Log In

by | Microsoft Dynamics Support

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM Loads the Mobile Version when I Try to Log In

by | Feb 27, 2018 | Microsoft Dynamics Support

What to do if Dynamics is loading wrong

Some users find that their Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM loads the mobile version when they try to log in. This is a particularly common problem for Mac users.

If you have this issue, there’s a super easy workaround for it. See below for video and instructions:

How to load the full web version of Dynamics

Affected users will notice that when they type in the URL for their CRM, it resolves with a “/m” at the end, as you can see in the video above. This is why your browser loads the mobile version of Dynamics 365 CRM instead of the full web version.

If your CRM loads the mobile version in this way, you can always try another browser, but you might not be able to get any of your browsers to come up with the right version.

Not to worry; it’s a super simple fix! Just manually change the URL and then either mark that URL as a favorite or save it.

All you really need to do is change the URL by replacing the “/m” with “/main.aspx”.

What you’re doing here is explicitly telling your browser what website to go to so you get the full web version rather than the mobile version.

Once you have the full version successfully loaded, simply favorite the page or save the URL, and use that rather than typing in the URL manually in the future.

This will direct you to the full version of your CRM in the future, meaning you can leave this annoying error behind for good!


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