Learn the CRM Terms You Need to Know to Become a Process Flow Pro!

Are you new to the CRM morpheme scheme and looking to learn the language? Perfect your dialect? Enhance your parlance? Enact some spectacular CRM vernacular?

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New on Channel Q, CRM 101: Buzzwords, Terms, & Definitions is your intro course to essential Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM terms.

 Welcome to CRM 101

This month, Professor Mariam walks you through some fundamental CRM terms that will help you get the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales implementation. You’ll learn the lingo you need to know to go from pupil to pro, including:

  • LEADS and OPPORTUNITIES, and the important differences between them.
  • CASES, and how they can help you identify and track account-specific issues to keep your customers happy.
  • GRIDS, and how they help you manage customer and sales information in Dynamics 365.
  • BUSINESS PROCESS FLOWS, and how they enable you to optimize and standardize sales tracks for your team.

Check out the video for the CRM 101 term treatment and have some philological fun!


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