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Not Ready for the Microsoft Unified Interface?

Not Ready for the Microsoft Unified Interface?

by | Microsoft Dynamics 365

Not Ready for the Microsoft Unified Interface?

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Microsoft Dynamics 365

How to reschedule your Dynamics 365 upgrade

As announced last September, Microsoft is deprecating the legacy web client for Dynamics 365 CRM this year, and Dynamics 365 customers who are still using the legacy web client are required to upgrade to the Microsoft Unified Interface before October 1, 2020.

At that time, Microsoft announced that they would be “sending reminders and scheduling updates to transition customers to Unified Interface,” and with 2020 underway, those email reminders have begun.

In the coming weeks, there is likely to be some confusion around those emails, especially because each includes a Planned Transition Date in big, bold letters near the top. 

But what if your organization isn’t ready to move to the Unified Interface yet? There is a lot to like about the updated interface, but you may still need time to prepare your team or run a test upgrade in a Sandbox instance, and at first glance it might look like Microsoft has served you with an eviction notice from your environment!

Fortunately, that isn’t the case. Microsoft gives you the option to reschedule your upgrade and ensure you have the time you need to prepare.

To reschedule your automatic upgrade to the Microsoft Unified Interface, follow the steps below:


1. Click on the Unified Interface scheduling portal link on this page OR under “What action should you take?” in the “Change is coming! Automatic transition to Unified Interface” email you received from Microsoft Dynamics 365:

2. Check the box next to Consent on behalf of your organization, then click Accept:

3. Go to My Environments:

 4. Click on the environment you want to reschedule:

5. Select Schedule Transition Date, then enter your preferred transition date and a reason for the delay and click Submit:

6. Your rescheduling request has been created, and you can monitor its status:

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Eric Anderson is the director of the Dynamics 365 practice at Azamba.

With a combined 19 years of experience as a controller, ERP consultant, professional services manager, and CRM evangelist, he strives to deliver the best-fitting solution to each company he has the pleasure to engage with.

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