5 Reasons Why Adding CRM to their Solution Set Makes MSP’s More Successful

by | Feb 29, 2024 | Microsoft Dynamics 365, Partners

2024 will be the year of customer retention.

Many are forecasting choppy economic waters ahead so it’s incumbent for Managed Service providers to protect their business.

At Azamba, we think that partners have a golden opportunity to increase their margins while contributing to making their customers more successful!

Intrigued? Read on to see how adding CRM can make MSP’s more successful, for years to come!

1. It’s Easy!

Azamba makes it easy for partners to offer CRM to their customers because they do all the work! From closing to implementation, training, and support Azamba takes care of it all and partners reap the benefits of increased sales of licenses and services revenue for an average of 6 years!

2. Customers want it!

The forecasted CAGR for CRM is 13.9% from 2024 to 2030! Especially in a time of increasing economic headwinds, this represents a substantial market opportunity. Anecdotally, we find through our own partner engagements that a minimum of a given partner’s customers are actively thinking about CRM at any one moment. Those customers are going to have those conversations with someone. We believe that their tech partners should be at the table for them.

3. There’s no risk!

It can’t be denied. There have been a lot of failed CRM implementations since the solution first came to market and no one wants to be associated with failure. We get that. And that’s why our whole approach is based on having learned from others’ mistakes. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee for all our work. Wit this kind of incentive in place, partners can have the confidence that Azamba is showing up with great customer outcomes as our first, second, and third priority.

4. It creates additional customer loyalty!

Managed Service providers are there to serve their customers by providing an IT environment that the customer can rely on. And an MSP that can do this, and also deliver a valuable business solution that materially improves the customer’s success is operating at another level. When a straight line can be drawn from the solution facilitated by the partner, and the customer’s success then the provider has created significant business value and is less vulnerable to price pressures from competitors.

5. It’s a differentiator AND a competitive advantage!

Most MSP’s offer different variations on the same solution sets: General IT support, backup and recovery, networking, managed communications, and cybersecurity. Standing out in this very crowded field is difficult. The addition of CRM as an advertised solution will bring new customers, initially for CRM, but open to new discussions.

Azamba has been working with partners to provide CRM solutions to SMB’s across North America since 2008. In that time we have created great business outcomes for hundreds of businesses and their partners. Let’s work together to make your customers more successful while making your business more profitable!

To find out more about joining the Azamba partner community, reach out to Patrick Nantel at pnantel@azamba.com

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Patrick Nantel

Patrick Nantel is Director of Partner Sales at Azamba, helping partners quickly capitalize on the opportunities in front of them.

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